Ekoenergetyka x GodEnergi – new strategic partnership to accelerate E-Mobility in the Nordic Region

Ekoenergetyka GodEnergi partnership, Ekoenergetyka

In a significant strategic move aimed at fortifying its presence in the Nordic region, Ekoenergetyka proudly announces an official partnership with GodEnergi. This collaboration designates GodEnergi as the official Distribution and Service Partner, granting them the rights to lease, sell, install, and service Ekoenergetyka’s cutting-edge electric vehicle charging stations.

With over 14 years of expertise in electric transportation infrastructure, particularly in Denmark, GodEnergi has installed more than 6000 charging stations, including 800 dedicated to DC charging for B2B, B2C, and public sector applications. The company has successfully executed numerous projects for the public sector in the Nordic region, contributing to the growth of electric mobility with depots in key cities like Odense, Helsingborg, and an indoor depot in Umeå.

Ekoenergetyka and GodEnergi share a powerful history of collaboration, with GodEnergi having previously undertaken projects involving Ekoenergetyka charging stations. This includes the establishment of bus depots utilizing Ekoenergetyka’s proven DC solutions and the sale of mobile DC chargers used at high-profile events such as Folkemødet in Bornholm and the Car of the Year awards.

In its pursuit of becoming a global leader, Ekoenergetyka underscores the significance of establishing strong local partnerships. This move allows for exchanging knowledge, expertise, and practical insights on electromobility and technical product information. Ekoenergetyka has an extensive background in charging infrastructure, with a manufacturing facility, research center, and laboratories dedicated to innovation.

In November 2023, five technicians from GodEnergi underwent training at Ekoenergetyka’s headquarters in Poland. This comprehensive training equipped them with essential knowledge about the construction of DC chargers and provided a detailed guide on installing, activating, and modifying charging stations. 

Ekoenergetyka remains committed to expanding its partner network across Europe in the coming year. This expansion aims to capitalize on the growing demand for charging services and provide lucrative opportunities for partners. Ekoenergetyka offers high-quality DC chargers and powerful charging HUBs with up to 1.2 MW capacities, ready for MCS – Megawatt Charging Systems.

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