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Are you experienced or is this your first ever job?

We might be looking for someone just like you.

Recruitment process

What does the recruitment process involve?

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We will scrutinise your application to make sure that your profile matches the needs for the position

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We will invite you to an interview with our HR specialist and the manager of the department to which you are applying.

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We might ask you to take additional tests so you can demonstrate your skills in practice.

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If your recruitment is successful, we will offer you the position and start the onboarding process.

Job offers

Career at Ekoenergetyka

The people who create our company

Internal recruitment

Did you know that at Ekoenergetyka you can find an optimum career path in various departments, and now it’s time to say “let’s see then”?

Go ahead! Every one of our employees may apply in internal recruitment and, when successful, change their position, department and even company. What is important – these are not at all individual cases, and we are very pleased with all the new talents discovered in this way. Check the story of Adrian, Kacper and Michal, whose career paths in our company are a vivid confirmation of how we support internal promotions.

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Adrian Dominiczak
Head of Automation Department

“Experience of thousands of hours spent in production and service, as well as knowledge gained working alongside with those who have been with #EKO since the company was born, help me in designing charging stations. Four years after joining the company I was promoted to the head of the automation department. Ekoenergetyka-Polska offers multiple opportunities for growth, not just within one position, like training. You can choose between training or mentoring – or learning from our leaders. I, for one, am a perfect example of how it pays to boldly seek your place in such a prospective company as Ekoenergetyka.”

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Kacper Wojtyszek
Technical and Commercial Advisor

“I started my adventure with Ekoenergetyka in March 2020 when I joined the charger station manufacturing department. Today I am involved with the sales office and provide technical advice. Knowing the product means a lot – especially with such a complex and advanced technology as charging stations. I believe that for some positions, starting a career “at the bottom” of the ladder is a huge advantage in the future. And this is true for many industries. The best thing you can do for yourselves is not to be afraid of change, because change is what makes us grow and become better professionals.”

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Michał Królikowski
Test Engineer

“My graduation and job search coincided with the outburst of the pandemic. We all remember the mood then and what was happening in the labour market. That’s why I was so happy to hear that I was offered a job at the quality department of Ekoenergetyka-Polska, where I sent more than a year. In June 2021 I was offered a position in R&D. I had already seen much earlier how this Electromobility Laboratory Centre, the most modern facility with top-of-the-line equipment, was being created for environmental as well as electrical parameter testing. And because I was already in the organisation, I had this opportunity to be involved in the work from the very beginning! Now, as a test engineer, I already do a lot of tests on my own. My advice? Don’t be afraid of change, as change is the only way which can bring us closer to our goals.”


As a member of Ekoenergetyka team, every day you help us achieve our goal:

change the face of transportation by creating modern e-mobility technology that enables a transition toward clean, quiet and reliable green energy.

We appreciate your commitment and recognise your efforts in the achievement of our common success.

And therefore we have a whole range of benefits to offer, benefits that help with job satisfaction, support integration and development within the organisation.

Learn about our benefits!

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It is very important to us that our employees are in good condition and satisfied with their lives. So we pursue a number of initiatives to support maintaining physical and mental well-being.

These include private medical care with LuxMed, offered to our employees and their families, PZU group insurance and refund for eyeglasses. For keen athletes and gymnastic amateurs, we have the Medicover Sport package and we also offer them the opportunity for sports integration at the squash centre; plus everyone can enjoy delicious lunches subsidised by the company at the EKOEN station in Zielona Gora.

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Continuous education and professional development of our employees is a priority for us. We believe that the sum of the success of our employees is the success of the entire organisation.

So we offer to employees subsidised language classes, opportunities of vertical and horizontal promotion, internal job and managerial training, participation in innovative e-mobility projects, and involvement with interdisciplinary teams of specialists who are eager to share their knowledge.

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We support our employees in maintaining a work-life balance by subsidising the Ekolucky nursery and kindergarten for their kids, offering loans from the Social Benefits Fund to financially help with their holidays or Christmas shopping but also with important moments in life, like becoming a parent and getting married.

We have created a proprietary reboarding “We Appreciate Moms” program. This scheme is offered to women returning to work after maternity leave.

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We are building a culture of volunteerism.

We support employee initiatives and create opportunities to participate in numerous charitable activities of Ekoenergetyka Foundation.

Corporate Social Responsibility is firmly embedded in our company’s DNA.

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We created modern and ergonomic spaces so our employees can do their work efficiently and effectively. A whole range of innovative digital tools and new media helps us work together flexibly and stimulate creativity.

Conference halls available to everyone are used for effective teamwork, and employee amenities are an interesting space for integration. Our production halls also set trends and high standards for industrial buildings, stimulating continuous process optimisation. Cyclists have on-site parking for their bikes.

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