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What moves
our company

We grow every month and emobility grows with us.

Our vision, what we believe in and how we see our future.

Who we are

Driven by innovation and powered by desire to reduce transport emissions, we develop and produce high power charging solutions for electric passenger cars, buses and HD vehicles.

Established in 2009 Poland with a sole purpose of providing charging solutions, we are one of the pioneers in the e-mobility industry. In a decade, Ekoenergetyka has grown from 2 to more than 400 employees (currently around 1,000) and has acquired customers throughout Europe and are now a Central and Eastern European leader in charging technologies.

Management board

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President of the
Management Board

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Co-founder and CEO of Ekoenergetyka, a global hi-tech company located in Poland, selling their products over 30 countries, including most European capitals. Electromobility expert and enthusiast, visionary, mentor and award-winning new technology entrepreneur.

While still a student majoring in electrical engineering, he began developing electric vehicle charging systems, and immediately following his graduation he began building a hi-tech business that is now the leading provider of charging systems for electric buses in Poland.

As a shareholder of the company, he has his role in many innovative projects and activities. He is the co-inventor of the company’s development concept, which led to the creation of a Research and Development Centre at Ekoenergetyka for new technologies in electromobility. He is committed to development of technologies and products that will become the future of global daily life.

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ekoenergeyka about us, What moves<br>our company, Ekoenergetyka



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Graduate of the University of Zielona Gora, with majors in Management and Production Engineering, Occupational Health and Safety. She has also completed the programme in Human Resources and Payroll in Law and Practice.

She joined Ekoenergetyka – Polska S.A. in 2010. She worked her way up through all levels of her career, starting as Project Manager to Director of the Management Office and eventually to Vice President, HR, in 2017.  In 2020 became the President of the Management Board for the Ekoenergetyka Foundation, a foundation involved in enhancing education from the earliest stages and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Passionate about labour law as well as safety and environmental protection.

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ekoenergeyka about us, What moves<br>our company, Ekoenergetyka



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Graduate of the College of Engineering in Zielona Gora (now University of Zielona Gora), major: Electrical Engineering, field of expertise: Digital measurement systems.

Invented and implemented most of electronics and automation innovative solutions at Ekoenergetyka, including development and production launch of: high-speed transducers for network parameter measuring; intelligent communication protocol converters with Internet access; GSM/GPRS based distributed systems for monitoring operation of elevated industrial facilities; distributed RCP-class system for banks; WIRELESS communication modules for use in SCADA systems.

His achievements also include concept development, design and software for: electronic communication systems for mobile charging terminals for electric buses; electronic distributed communication systems and control modules for marinePoint series marina power pedestals with an advanced master management and billing IT…

as well as many other concepts, designs and algorithms in electrical engineering.

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ekoenergeyka about us, What moves<br>our company, Ekoenergetyka


Strategic financing

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Attorney Barbara Wacht graduated the Faculty of Law at the Catholic University of Lublin, as well as the Kozminski Univerity, where she completed the prestigious postgraduate programme “Compliance Analist and AML”.

She is a partner in Rubicon Kancelaria Radców Prawnych i Adwokatów Barbara Wacht Sp.k., based in Warsaw. She started working for Ekoenergetyka in 2017 and has successfully supported the company in the processes of obtaining the financing, including, in particular, close cooperation with leading banks and other financial institutions on the Polish market. In 2022 she was primarily involved in the process of attracting an external investor, Polish Enterprise Fund VIII, a fund managed by Enterprise Investors.

She is an expert in risk management, AML and compliance monitoring. She is involved in ESG projects, also as a Supporting Mentor in the 3rd edition of the mentoring program of the “Women in Law” Foundation, focused on the development and acceleration of the careers of young women lawyers.

As Vice President of Ekoenergetyka -Polska, she is responsible for corporate governance, compliance and strategic financing.

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Our expertise

We create new solutions and set directions for development. Driven by the desire to spread the electromobility revolution, we are developing our technical and intellectual potential.

We employ specialists with highly developed skills in design, construction, software development and IT solutions. We produce innovative technology and provide comprehensive maintenance services. We are an active member of many industry organisations.

We provide our solutions to manufacturers of electric cars and buses as well as to operators of networks and charging points. We are present in more than 30 countries including Germany, France, Poland, Norway and Sweden.

ekoenergeyka about us, Ekoenergetyka