CharIN Conference Europe 2024 at the headquarters of Ekoenergetyka!

CharIN Ekoenergetyka, Ekoenergetyka

Ekoenergetyka headquarters has become the capital of European electromobility. Enthusiasts and experts from across the continent came together to shape the future of electromobility.

The ChairIN conference held on June 4, 2024 in Zielona Gora-Nowy Kisielin kicked off a several-day meeting on electromobility. Representatives of electromobility-related industries, including those operating in the field of public transportation, local government officials and journalists, came from all over the world to the headquarters of the E-Mobility Innovation HUB technology incubator located in Zielona Góra-Nowy Kisielin.

Roger Atkins opened the event with his visionary insights on the future of electromobility. Bartosz Kubik, CEO and co-founder of Ekoenergetyka, discussed the future of the European Center for Electromobility.

“This is an institution where we are to gather knowledge and share this knowledge with all European business. We will be betting on three pillars. The first is the economic pillar – we want to find very interesting companies from all over Europe and incubate them right here in Zielona Góra, right in this building. The second pillar is education – we will create a university electromobility department and an electromobility technical school, which will supply the European market with the best personnel, including, of course, the local market. The third important aspect is the promotional aspect – we want to create a convention center, a conference center, so that events such as this one today will be a regular feature. The last element of the whole is the creation of an economic zone where these companies, after incubation, will come out of the European Center for Electromobility and will be able to stay in Europe, in Poland. We have a very big opportunity now, also under the National Recovery Plan. If we are to build the economy, and create knowledge and technology, this is the way to do it. I believe that electromobility has a perspective of at least 100 years ahead of it. Europe should seize its opportunity”.

Claas Bracklo, Member of the Board of Directors of CharIN e.V., and Maciej Wojeński welcomed all the conference guests. Prof. Wojciech Myślecki, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ekoenergetyka, provided his expert perspective. Zbigniew Jagiełło, Member of the Supervisory Board of Ekoenergetyka, shared his strategic insights on the development of the industry.

Marcin Jabłoński, Marshal of the Lubuskie Region, stressed that following innovation is an asset for the region. Marek Cebula, Voivode of Lubuskie Voivodship emphasized the importance of environmental protection in the development of modern technologies.