Ekoenergetyka Media Trip – get to know us better

Ekoenergetyka Media Trip, Ekoenergetyka

During this year’s CharIN Testival & Conference Europe 2024, we had the pleasure of hosting media representatives from all over Europe. Journalists and representatives of the most popular channels of communication of the 21st century, such as YouTube and Instagram, came to the Ekoenergetyka headquarters in Zielona Góra. They traveled many kilometers to learn more about our company’s operations, future plans, and to see for themselves what we really do.

In addition to the conferences that they could attend, a presentation by Maciej Wojeński, co-founder of Ekoenergetyka took place in a specially prepared Media Room. It provided a lot of useful information about the history and development of the company.

However, a handful of basic information was only an introduction to an extensive tour of the most interesting parts of the company. During the tour, media representatives could see our production line, learn about the stages of building chargers, or visit laboratories and chambers where our products are tested and improved. At the Ekoen station, they could see, among other things, our latest creation – the all-in-one Axon Easy 400 charger and the newest satellite SAT400, and then see how we are able to monitor the operations of our chargers and repair them 24/7 worldwide.

The next day was an opportunity for the media to roll up their sleeves and participate in workshops, during which all interested parties could participate in building and installing one of our chargers.

Huge thanks to everyone who chose to come to Zielona Góra and participate in our Media Trip. Although this is the first trip of this kind in the history of Ekoenergetyka, we can confidently announce that it will not be the last.