Workshops at Ekoenergetyka Training Center – turning theory into practice

Workshops at Ekoenergetyka Training Center, Ekoenergetyka

The CharIN Testival & Conference Europe 2024 was a multi-day gathering of professionals and enthusiasts in e-mobility from across Europe. Event guests had the opportunity to participate in engaging lectures, discussions, conduct interviews with pioneers in the world of electromobility, and much more.

The second day was dedicated to deepening participants’ knowledge about chargers and electric vehicles. The main highlight of this day was the “E-mobility Workshops”, during which the numerous attendees could learn about the structure and mechanisms integrated into chargers created by Ekoenergetyka. The workshops garnered immense interest and involvement from our guests. The attentive guidance and stories from qualified instructors encouraged their students to reach for tools and engage in building chargers together.

Later in the workshops, we witnessed the installation of the Axon Easy charger outside the Ekoenergetyka Training Center building. Furthermore, participants had the opportunity to actively take part in its connection. As a testament to the success of collaboration between our staff and workshop participants, the charger was put into operation and powered one of the electric vehicles present on-site.

Undoubtedly, another highlight was the High Power Charging Technologies workshop: CCS&MCS. The event’s partner was Amphenol in collaboration with VOLVO Trucks Poland and Mercedes-Benz, Grupa Wróbel.

Theoretical knowledge is absorbed much better when paired with practical activities. Many enthusiasts of electromobility present at the workshops discovered new, previously unknown facts that they can now spread throughout the continent.