International Sales and Marketing Meeting at Ekoenergetyka Training Center

International Sales and Marketing Meeting at Ekoenergetyka, Ekoenergetyka

From April 17th to 19th, an intensive three-day training took place for our entire international sales team, who traveled from various parts of Europe to spend time at the Ekoenergetyka Training Center.

A significant part of the training was dedicated to our latest innovations, including the AXON Easy all-in-one product line, the SAT 600 user unit, and the advanced SAT400. These products showcase our unique selling points, offering unparalleled performance and sustainable development.

But it wasn’t just about presentations and products – it was also about sharing experiences and insights into market requirements across different corners of Europe. In-person meetings still hold a magical power, allowing for deeper connections and the most effective exchange of information. After all, knowledge is power, and those who possess it are the ones leading the way.