Axon Easy 400 World Premiere at the London EV Show

Axon Easy 400 World Premiere, Ekoenergetyka

The Axon Easy 400, now on display at the London EV Show, stands as a powerful and user-friendly addition to the growing family of the best-selling AXON range. 

There are already more than 8200 charging solutions in operation around the world realized by Ekoenergetyka, almost 50% of them belonging to our trusted AXON family. This underlines our commitment to delivering reliable and sustainable charging infrastructure worldwide.

Before our engineers and designers created this station, we asked what our customers’ and partners’ needs were and how we could support their business. This is how the latest AXON EASY 400 was developed.

To provide electric vehicle users with fast and convenient charging anywhere, the Axon Easy 400 station is equipped with the latest fast charging technology. Equipped with a dynamic load balancing system, it optimizes power distribution to increase efficiency. Integrated payment system, dynamic load balancing system, status lights, AD display: these features provide a smooth and user-friendly experience, making EV charging accessible to all.

The Axon Easy 400 meets growing market demand and reinforces our commitment to sustainable mobility solutions.

The Axon Easy 400’s high performance is designed to provide fast and efficient charging, reducing downtime for EV users and encouraging widespread EV adoption.

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