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Axon Easy 400

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    • 240, 320, 400 kW DC
    • DC Charging Station All-in-One
    • Maximum charging current up to 500 A
    • 6 charger configuration options
      (including liquid-cooled connectors)
    • 2 charging points
    • Charge up to 2 vehicles simultaneously
    • Dynamic Load Balancing System (DLBS)
    • 24” AD Display, remote and independent advertising content management
    • Cable Management System (CMS) with flat arm and breaking mechanism
    • Direct Payment System (CCV, Payter, Ingenico – optional)
    • Eichrecht & MID compliant (CCS / CCS and CCS HPC /CCS HPC)
    • Plug&Charge ready
    • Adapted to integrate with all charging service providers
    • Supports all electric vehicles


Innovative Axon Easy 400 

Axon Easy 400 charging station is a modern solution that combines functionality, safety, and user convenience, making the charging of electric vehicles even more efficient. All the applied innovations enable an incredibly intuitive operation, turning the charging process into a simple and enjoyable experience. All of this is based on Ekoenergetyka’s experience and continuous work to improve the product – thousands of users in 25 European countries have benefited from previous versions of Axon Easy. It is the careful analysis of our customers’ experiences that has allowed us to precisely tailor innovations to the real needs of the market.

One Axon Easy, Two Displays

Axon Easy 400 is designed with the highest standards of electric vehicle service in mind. The integrated 10″ touch display with RFID ensures intuitive and easy operation, with full visibility in day/night modes, making the use of the charging station possible at any time.

Additionally, a 24″ advertising display allows for remote, independent management of advertising content, providing your company with space to promote both its image and products.

Charging Comfort and Safety

Axon Easy 400 is equipped with an innovative, retractable Cable Management System (CMS). Thanks to this system, the cables are always at a safe distance from the ground. In this way, they do not obstruct users during charging and can be easily used by everyone, including individuals with limited mobility. The new Axon Easy also offers a wide range of cable lengths – from 5.5 m to 9.5 m, allowing for convenient adaptation of the charging station to various parking conditions and the individual needs of electric vehicle users.

Furthermore, the LED status signaling lighting ensures full visibility from every angle, and the functional lighting indicating the State of Charge (SOC) provides information about the charging process even from a greater distance. This allows users to move away from the charger with a sense of security.

The collision sensor is another advantage of Axon Easy 400, raising the level of safety during the charging process. We ensure that the use of electric vehicles is not only environmentally friendly but also comfortable and safe.

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