IONITY expands high-power charging network along the Baltic Sea coast with Ekoenergetyka’s chargers  #NorthToTheSouth

ionity ekoenergetyka, Ekoenergetyka

In a groundbreaking collaboration, IONITY, a key Charging Point Operator (CPO), has chosen Ekoenergetyka as its supplier for the iconic Ionity design chargers, propelling Europe’s high-power charging (HPC) network to new heights. This strategic partnership aims to accelerate the growth of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure and promote sustainable mobility across the continent.

Pori (Mikkola), Finland Joins the Network

Exciting news for Finnish EV enthusiasts! IONITY, in partnership with Ekoenergetyka, proudly announces the opening of a new charging station in Pori (Mikkola), Finland. The station is strategically located next to a shopping center, offering a range of amenities for travelers while their vehicles charge. This addition strengthens IONITY’s commitment to providing convenient and efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles. Station in Pori is equipped with 6 of Ekoenergetyka’s Axon Side 350kW!

Unveiling the #NorthToTheSouth

As part of IONITY’s commitment to seamless connectivity, the new charging station in Pori (Mikkola) is the latest addition to the #NorthToTheSouth project. Keep an eye out for this hashtag as Ekoenergetyka continues to extend its charging network through collaborating with key CPO’s around the Europe, enhancing cross-border travel for electric vehicle users.

Stay Tuned for More Exciting Developments

IONITY, renowned for its extensive and powerful HPC network in Europe, has joined forces with Ekoenergetyka, a pioneer in the EV charging industry since 2009. The collaboration features HPC chargers with a capacity of up to 350kW, incorporating the distinctive Ionity design.

While the collaboration has already seen operational success in Croatia, Slovenia, and Finland, IONITY hints at more to come. Stay tuned for more information and exciting updates on the ever-expanding IONITY charging network.