Ekoenergetyka Official Partner for the STCC

Official Partner for the STCC

Ekoenergetyka, as a leader in the design and manufacturing of fast charging stations, has been selected as the Official Charger Partner for the STCC.

This is a unique distinction, as the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship, a pioneer in the electrification of motor racing worldwide, is currently undergoing a complete reorganization of its series in Scandinavia towards zero-emission.

Ekoenergetyka Official Partner for the STCC, Ekoenergetyka
Ekoenergetyka Official Partner for the STCC, Ekoenergetyka

Championship products

During each race weekend, Ekoenergetyka will provide STCC with reliable charging stations ranging from 60 to 80 kW. In addition, individual 30 kW mobile chargers, perfectly adapted to the track conditions, will be provided for the teams at the competition.

Ekoenergetyka’s products have been chosen by STCC not only for their excellent quality, but also for their remote access, diagnostics and software updates, ensuring even higher reliability and efficiency of the chargers. In addition, by equipping the paddock with high-quality mobile chargers, STCC will ensure fast and efficient charging of vehicles during races, allowing the same excitement and competition that takes place on a traditional track.

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STCC 2024 Premiere: Electric Racing in the Heart of Gothenburg

In the 2024 STCC, teams will compete in electric models with 550 horsepower, such as the CUPRA Born, WV ID.3, BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3 – race cars designed for spectacular and climate-smart electric racing.

The STCC 2024 premiere will be in Gothenburg on June 8-9. It’s a special cityrace in the center (Ullevi) of Gothenburg. We’ll be showcasing our innovative chargers and supporting the e-racers as they make history on the track.

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Ekoenergetyka Official Partner for the STCC, Ekoenergetyka


As the world’s first national championship featuring electric vehicles, STCC embodies innovation, clean energy, and adrenaline-pumping excitement! 

From the clean energy sourced from PV farms to our cutting-edge chargers ensuring efficient power delivery, every aspect of STCC reflects commitment to a greener future for motorsports.  Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of history and witness the evolution of racing firsthand!


Gelleråsen, Karlskoga

16-17th of August 2024


Ring Knutstorp, Kågeröd Skåne

13-14th September 2024


Mantorp Park, Linköping

20-21th September 2024