We had the honor to host the Ambassador of Rwanda in Poland.

, Ekoenergetyka

We had the honor to host the Ambassador of Rwanda in Poland, Professor Anastase Shyaka, at the headquarters of our company. During the meeting, we talked about the electromobility sector and the potential for the development of zero-emission transport in Africa.

The meeting was attended by the co-founder of Ekoenergetyka Maciej Wojeński, as well as a geopolitician, energy sector expert and chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ekoenergetyka prof. Wojciech Myślecki Advisor to the Management Board of Ekoenergetyka Arkadiusz Kowalewski and Mr. Krzysztof Kaliszuk, deputy mayor of the city for investment and European funds.

,,Ekoenergetyka is an experienced producer of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. We have known the electromobility industry for over a decade now. I am glad that we were able to share our expert knowledge and experience. I hope that this meeting will help to develop zero-emission solutions in Rwanda.”

Maciej Wojeński sums up the meeting.