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SAT 400 Satellite - DC split solution user unit


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    • Satellite compatible with high power charging stations
    • Maximum charging current of 400 A (up to 500 A)
    • Basic configuration versions – frontal: left-sided, right-sided, double-sided and pass through double-sided
    • Proprietary Cable Management System (CMS) with rotating arm (270-degree radius and 4.5-meter reach)
    • Up to 2 charging points (1 satellite)
    • 10″ screen with integrated RFID card reader
    • Screen and payment terminal on both sides of the satellite (optional)
    • 19″ AD Display, remote and independent advertising content management
    • Selection of operators and payment terminals – Pax IM30, Payter Apollo, Valina, Ingenico 2000
    • LED charging point status (full 360-degree visibility)
    • CCS cable 5 m
    • Eichrecht & MID compliant
    • Supports all electric vehicles (with CCS sockets)
    • Adapted to integrate with all charging service providers
    • Ready to connect to Power Unit Axon Side 360 DLBS (up to 6 charging points), Axon Side 400 (up to 2 charging points)


World-class SAT 400

The analysis of our customers’ needs and prior experiences has allowed us to develop a proposal in which elements of innovation and comfort meet, ensuring the highest possible level of space and energy efficiency.

An intelligent and efficient charging system is an ideal solution in which charging time, flow rate, energy consumption efficiency, but also minimal power losses result from the use of this particular solution and its capabilities.

Leverage your location’s potential

SAT 400 is available in a variety of configurations to perfectly match the potential of a specific location. It is available in one connector option, front left or right, or two connectors version front or pass-through option. This full option proposal can include all utility and additional attributes such as HMI, AD display, direct payment system on both sides of the satellite. It’s valuable to understand that each of these aspects can add to the enjoyment of the charging experience.

Proprietary Cable Management System

The SAT 400’s Cable Management System (CMS) responds to the growing need for coverage and adaptation to the available urban space, while its innovations and additional features significantly improve user comfort. Ekoenergetyka‘ proprietary system is developed to maximize the comfort of car and commercial vehicle users.

CMS is equipped with a rotating arm that reaches a wide radius of up to 4.5 meters. Cables are maintained at a safe distance from the ground and do not interfere with users during charging. The ergonomically designed connector with built-in hanging slot and utility lightning port allows intuitive and easy charging at any time of the day or night by anyone, including those with limited mobility.


Dynamic Load Balancing System

The SAT 400 is part of a state-of-the-art charging system, of which the user unit is an essential, usable part. The system also includes the Axon Side 360 DLBS power unit, which transfers power dynamically and efficiently to charge up to 6 vehicles simultaneously.

Importantly, each electric vehicle receives a guaranteed minimum amount of power, while the system, operating in dynamic real-time mode, optimally distributes excess power to the vehicles. The dynamic DLBS system is able to fully utilize the potential of the charging station, resulting in faster charging and lower costs.

Innovative SAT 400

SAT 400 was designed with the highest standards of electric vehicle service in mind. The integrated 10″ touchscreen display with RFID provides intuitive and easy operation, and with full visibility in day/night modes, charging service is available at any time. An additional 19″ advertising display enables remote, independent management of advertising content, providing your company with a space to promote both its image and products.

Furthermore, the LED status signaling lighting ensures full visibility from every angle, and the functional lighting indicating the State of Charge (SOC) provides information about the charging process even from a greater distance. This allows users to move away from the charger with a sense of security.

The collision sensor is another advantage of SAT 400, raising the level of safety during the charging process. We ensure that the use of electric vehicles is not only environmentally friendly but also comfortable and safe.


Payments have never been so easy

SAT 400 also offers full flexibility in terms of payment systems. Choose from a variety of options that enable a flexible selection of payment operators and terminals, including w tym PAX IM30, Payter Apollo, Valina, Ingenico 2000.

With us, you can also implement Plug & Charge, which makes using our charger even easier, more intuitive, and, above all, safe.


SAT 400 from Ekoenergetyka is Eichrecht-certified, which confirms compliance with German regulations regarding the measurement and settlement of electricity consumption.

With us you will meet all AFIR requirements, guaranteeing not only satisfaction with use but also full confidence in our products.