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Axon Easy 180


    • 60, 90, 120, 150, 180 kW DC
    • DC Charging station All-in-One
    • Maximum charging current up to 500 A
    • Eichrecht, MID compliant
    • 6 charger configuration options (including HPC – liquid cooled connectors)
    • Power upgrade in 60, 120 kW to 180 kW variants
    • 2 charging points, AC socket
    • 24″ AD Display, remote and independent advertising content management
    • 10″ screen integrated with RFID
    • Cable Management System (CMS) with flat arm and breaking mechanism
    • Direct Payment System, selection of payment operators and terminals (CCV, eService, Wordline)
    • Adapted to integrate with all charging service providers
    • Supports all electric vehicles
    • Plug & Charge ready


New generation of Axon Easy 180 from Ekoenergetyka

Welcome to the era of advanced electromobility! Get to know the second generation charging station – All-In-One Axon Easy 180 – created for EVs, E-Buses, and E-Trucks. This improved product redefines charging standards, offering innovative features and the possibility of configuration while maintaining maximum efficiency. Axon Easy 180 results from Ekoenergetyka’s continuous work on improving the charger, based on extensive experience gained from the distribution of previous Axon Easy variants throughout Europe.

Modern solutions, such as an intelligent advertising display, direct payment system or CMS make Axon Easy 180 a symbol of excellence in the world of electromobility.

AXON Easy in its new version combines reliable technology with modern design while maintaining what makes it a leader in charging optimization. Thanks to its intuitiveness and flexibility, this model adapts to the individual needs of users, ensuring unrivaled comfort and efficiency in everyday use.

Innovations in the Axon Easy 180 – status lighting and ease of use

Axon Easy 180 is now equipped with advanced, new-generation LED lighting. Thanks to it, the charging point signals its occupancy status, visible from a distance, making it easier for drivers to find an available charger. In addition, an innovative panel backlight was implemented in the charger, which was integrated with functional lighting, precisely indicating the vehicle’s charge level (SOC). These solutions not only improve the safety of station operators but also make using Axon Easy 180 from Ekoenergetyka intuitive and comfortable for every user.

The new Axon Easy also features improved features for users, including an even more intuitive cable management system. Thanks to the CMS with a flat arm and braking mechanism, the AXON Easy charger is easy to use and provides maximum convenience for users. Thanks to 6 charger configuration variants, including liquid-cooled connectors, you can adapt the device to the specifics of your business, ensuring optimal performance and comfort of use.

Build your perfect charger – Axon Easy from Ekoenergetyka

Discover the possibility of adapting the charger to your needs with Axon Easy 180 from Ekoenergetyka. Thanks to the innovative modular concept, you decide what your charging station should look like and function. The new Axon Easy offers a wide range of power options, ranging from 60 kW up to 180 kW, including new 90 kW and 150 kW variants. This extensive range allows for flexible adaptation to various locational needs and different types of vehicles. Additionally, you can customize the connector type by selecting the ones that best suit your needs.

We provide a maximum charging current of up to 500 A, which enables rapid charging of electric vehicles, even those with the greatest energy needs.

axon easy 180 ekoenergetyka
axon easy 180 ekoenergetyka

Payments have never been so easy

Axon Easy 180 also offers full flexibility in terms of payment systems. Choose from a variety of options that enable a flexible selection of payment operators and terminals, including CCV, Wordline, or eService. With us, you can also implement Plug&Charge, which makes using our charger even easier, more intuitive, and, above all, safe.

New advertising opportunities

Discover new horizons in advertising opportunities with the new Axon Easy! This innovative model stands out not only for its excellent user functions, but also for its extraordinary advertising options that provide unique visibility and information. The advanced 24-inch advertising display is equipped with a remote, independent advertising content management system, which gives unlimited possibilities for personalizing and adapting advertising to the needs of your business.


AXON Easy from Ekoenergetyka is Eichrecht-certified, which confirms compliance with German regulations regarding the measurement and settlement of electricity consumption. Additionally, every gram of AXON Easy also meets the requirements of the Deutschlandnetz program implemented by the German federal government. With us, you will meet all AFIR requirements, guaranteeing not only satisfaction with use but also full confidence in our products.

With Axon Easy 180, creating the perfect charging station becomes easier than ever before. Configure your reliable charger according to your preferences, increasing charging efficiency and adapting it to the specifics of your business.