Over 1,100 Ekoenergetyka’s Chargers power up Paris – A Milestone for RATP Group and Sustainable Urban Transport!

ratp ekoenergetyka, Ekoenergetyka

Big news from Paris! RATP, the historic public transport operator of Paris, celebrated for its Metro and extensive train services, is taking a giant leap in sustainable mobility. As part of its mission to electrify urban transport, RATP is positioning a network of 1,100 chargers from Ekoenergetyka.

Paris is already a leader in urban electrification, boasting a strong fleet of electric buses and a fully electric metro system. RATP, always at the forefront of sustainable initiatives, is now enhancing its commitment by upgrading its charging infrastructure.

The deployment involves setting up chargers at 5 different depots across Paris. While the network already has 90 kW chargers, the focus is shifting towards more efficient charging solutions tailored to the needs of RATP’s fleet. Night charging at depots has emerged as the best strategy, ensuring that the fleet is ready to go every morning, fully charged, and with minimal impact on the city’s grid during peak hours. 🔋🌃 

🤝 RATP’s collaboration with Ekoenergetyka isn’t new. Companies have been working together for a while, developing solutions that are not just innovative but also eco-friendly. This expansion is a testament to the success of this partnership and a shared vision for a greener future.

As Paris moves towards a more electrified future, RATP and Ekoenergetyka are showing the world how urban centers can transform their public transport systems. It is much more than just implementing chargers in a big city; it’s about building a sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly future for urban mobility.