„Idea-Biznes-Klimat” conference with the official guest Bartosz Kubik.

conference bartosz kubik, Ekoenergetyka

The official guest of the Idea-Biznes-Klimat conference – Bartosz Kubik, the co-founder of Ekoenergetyka and an electromobility expert, talked about the opportunities and challenges of companies from the innovative sector from the perspective of the green revolution.

Certainly Ekoenergetyka has absolutely used its opportunity to develop in the electromobility sector and plans to implement further business elements in response to the global demands of this sector.

“We proposed and will expand the European Electromobility Center because we want to set an example and run a company differently. The European Electromobility Center will be an institution, one of the main centers in Europe in the upcoming years, which will create knowledge for electromobility.”

– said Bartosz Kubik

The construction of pre-incubators dedicated to green transformation, the emphasis on international education as well as the creation of fair and conference facilities are just some of the elements of the European Electromobility Center.

“The goal of #ECE is to build 5 technological and global companies like Ekoenergetyka or even larger, each employing over 1000 employees, which will create technologies in Poland and will have an impact on how the economy and energy changes in Europe and in the world.”

– summarizes Bartosz Kubik.