Ekoenergetyka x SPIRII: We have completed the three-phase interoperability tests for AXON Easy charging stations 💥

Ekoenergetyka x SPIRII, Ekoenergetyka

Ekoenergetyka, in collaboration with Spirii – a leader in E-Mobility sector and provider of the globally acclaimed EV charging platform, proudly announces the successful completion of the three-phase interoperability tests for Ekoenergetyka’s AXON Easy charging station with the use of Spirii platform.

Ekoenergetyka’s chargers have been fully integrated with Spirii’s backend, and the test results confirm seamless operation.

The tests included:

→ OCPP message test 📍 initiated by the charger

→ OCPP message test 📍 initiated by the backend – in this section, specific messages were sent from the Spirii platform to the charger, confirming that the charger responds as expected

→ Charging session test – in this section, we verified if charging sessions could be started and stopped in different scenarios, ensuring that transaction information is transmitted correctly

Spirii simplifies the deployment, management, and scaling of customized commercial EV charging solutions, supported by user-focused platforms and leading technological solutions.

We are ready to bring the EV charging process to the next level with software that powers E-Mobility. Special thanks to Karen Marie Jensen, Maciej Ochocki, Sebastian Fleischhacker, Maria Rode, and the incredible teams of Spirii and Ekoenergetyka for their dedication! 🚗🔌